Not every room is expansive. Still, tiny spaces don’t have to sacrifice comfort, luxury or style. Designers, homeowners, and condo and apartment dwellers often rise to the challenge when it comes to creating big impact in small spaces.

Tipping The Scales
Interior designers agree: Scale, proportion and function are key ingredients to pulling off a small space. Two compact club chairs with low backs and large throw pillows and a narrow end table are better choices than one over-sized chair and large coffee table. To the contrary, going over-sized on a plush king bed will offer a tiny room a cozy and luxurious feel. Instead of side tables, place a bench at the foot of the bed and add wall sconces. If you like to entertain but want to maximize your space, add casters to furniture pieces. A kitchen island, buffet or bar cart can be wheeled in or out when you need more space. Furniture that can be easily moved around allows you to easily change the space according to your current needs.

Area rugs are a great way to add color, texture and interest to a small room, as well as define specific spaces. For both luxurious style and exceptional wear, consider an area rug from the Dabbieri Collection. The 100% wool options make for an impressive style statement under a dining room table, to enhance a bedroom or hallway, or to visually separate family room furniture from a shared office area.

Functional Flair
Light is one of the most effective ways to open up a small space. No matter how large or small your windows are, an unobstructed view will open up any sized room. Remove bulky curtains, furniture and fixtures to allow natural sunlight to stream through the windows to offer an airy quality. Or, go big for your small space and install floor to ceiling windows to create a sightline from your room to the outside.

Laid Back Luxury
For corners and tricky spaces, an upholstered bench makes for perfect seating and can add dramatic flair. If the dining room or eating nook in your kitchen is on the smallish side, choose a fabric that contrasts the wall color then add rustic chairs for a farm-glam look. For a hallway or odd space at the top of a stairway, create a cozy reading space with the same treatment.  Add wall sconces with contemporary shades to free-up end tables for glam accessories.  Adding cabinets under the bench can also maximize storage options. 

Guest Room Glam
You don’t have to sacrifice a dedicated room for overnight guests. Built-in cabinets over a headboard can provide functional storage space for you year-round, while custom rolling drawers under the bed can provide storage for them. Use under-lighting below the overhead cabinets to create the look of luxurious comfort and contemporary design.

While most agree that it takes a little ingenuity, you can create big impact – without scaling back on luxury – for your small spaces.


February is the perfect time for incorporating a little romance into your décor. With a few amorous additions and a little time, you can turn your home into a romantic holiday hideaway for two that you’ll want to enjoy all year long.

Limit The Shabby

Shabby Chic is back – but with less of the shabby and more of the chic. Today’s romantic style is softer, subtler and more gentile. Designers, homeowners and visitors alike are admiring weathered furniture, tarnished mirrors, distressed finishes, crystal vases and chandeliers, and metallic accents. From patina to distressed, there are a variety of faux techniques and treatments that will help you to create a romantic new look, ironically, by making something look old.

Mute The Hue

Soft, muted hues create a soothing sensation. Color shifts into light, slight shades to exude a quiet, romantic elegance in 2013. You can create a romantic feeling by incorporating roses of every shade, pinkish beiges, rich plums and apricots, and powder blues, lilacs and silvers. Romantic style décor is often heavy on the white. Whether shabby chic, rustic, beachy or contemporary, white is light, dreamy and pure romance.. Whichever color you choose, keep the color scheme monochromatic for a sophisticated respite.

Masculine Touches

Don’t forget to include masculine touches as well. Instead of using typical wooden side tables, pick up a few handsome leather trunks to use instead. Top the trunks with crystal lamps and vases for extra glitz. Add real flowers to the vases for a fresh touch. By combining leather with your lace, you can achieve authentic glamour.

Lace and Looms

Lace is another big trend for 2013 and a romantic addition for any room. Lace pillows, curtains and even wallpapers add an instant dreamy feel to any décor. Layering is key to achieving the depths of romantic style, so don’t forget the floor – add an elegant, patterned wool area rug from the Dabbieri Collection as a layer of luxurious texture.

Reflective Lighting

It’s no secret that low lighting like candles helps to create a soothing environment. When used in combination with the reflective power of mirrors, crystal, baubles, etched glass pieces and beads, candles become even more romantic.

Sew Soft

Whether it’s draping valences in the living room, adding a canopy in an elegant print in the bedroom or simply layering tablecloths, throws and pillows in the family room, don’t forget the addition of fabrics for a soft romantic touch. Fabrics not only soften the rigid structures of wooden furniture and metal bedframes, but can help set the tone for your overall romantic message that guests will adore.